Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tribute to our Fallen Comrades

Iguazu, Argentina

Plaza Congresso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I keep on finding these perfectly preserved, dessicated birds on the streets. They are awesome!
PS: Thunder stolen! In your face!


  1. Hey Toby

    was that one of your buddies that had their big face stencil posted on wooster today?

  2. I asked the same question.. so I think it must be. When do we get our 15 minutes Lukas?

  3. I dunno, I don´t think it is. He doesn´t do that kind of stuff.The dude´s group is called rundontwalk http://www.rundontwalk.com.ar (but when they say say it, it sounds like randomwalk). I´ll ask on Sunday when I ´´work´´.

    You get your 15 minutes as soon as I get something on Wooster cuz your stuff will get posted right after to steal my thunder! Haha!