Thursday, February 12, 2009

Real Life Belugas (Almost)

The paste job could have been better, but the vantage point if far enough away that you can't really tell that they're a little too pruney to be baby belugas.


  1. HolyPosts!

    Always my favorite. I really like these guys. Good spot.

    Where did you get the whale-sized paper?

  2. My, they grew! And aged! Though I really can´t tell, they still look quite young.

  3. yeah yeah its and old design, but they fit nicely in that spot and I've never done a poster that big before so it was a good learning experience.

    The paper is from a roll of Acadamia (watercolor, smooth surface) available at a De Serres near you. as recommended by -weakhand, one of the Vancouver OG's and true master of the airbrush.

    Check it out!

  4. Cool, I really like them.

    And I really like the bike too.

  5. I like that they look like they are in a tank...with a bicycle.