Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stencil o' rama

valentina and i painted this one about a month ago in the roof top of H.I.C., the next day in the same place we met toby for the first time, we shared some beers and a little subway ride.
we promise to do some dirt outdoors when you get back!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Gone to Brazil for the holidays.
Street invasion to occur upon return to Buenos Aires...

Martha stewART

Lamp off

So I decided to drop out of the stenciling world and get into home decor. Well that's what Igor and Marina would want anyway. We made a lamp from acetate paper and a clothes hanger. It was a real manly lamp, obviously, and we gave it to Sanja for her birthday.

Lamp on

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Humans Are Dead

This is what I wanted to paint on the street before the cops caught me. So I settled for doing it on a plank for now until I find a good spot outside.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Powder Pillow

There hasn´t been all that much snowfall these parts yet. Today I looked under Baka´s (Grandma) Pillow and I found a WHOLE SKI HILL. Powder up to your knees, untracked, a glade run, not that crowded at all. I took a run (first one of the season), but I am so out of shape that I was done for the day, and I just parked myself in the bar at the base. This place has been my own personal paradise, but it´s been kinda boring riding pow at this small undiscovered place all by my onesies. So I am inviting you all to come ride with me. Unfortunately there is no ski lift either, or a park for that matter, but it´s so close to home that I can´t really complain.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Caught with a Can in my Hand

Last night I went for my first street art session in Buenos Aires and got caught by the Argentinian police. Yes, can you believe it? Because I still can´t. I was trying to do my first free hand piece (with some stencils involved), but it was turning more into a practice session because I was failing miserably. It´s way harder than I thought. I got as far as far as the outline, started shading which covered up the detail I had already done, realized that I have to shade before I detail (obviously), when the cop car came straight for us, no hesitation and stopped. This was in the space of less than 10 minutes. I had no time to do anything, so I started calmly putting my paint cans back in my backpack, while internally flipping out trying to think quick as to how I was gonna get out of Argentinian prison. I was made to empty my entire backpack and had even my emergency tampon handled, my wallet opened to expose my two pesos, and my extremely wrongly written information taken down. I had a small discussion with one of the cops about art and he told me to go to San Telmo (the neighbourhood over) to paint. Then he told me before they left that if he catches me painting again I´m going to jail. A little contradictory. My Italian friend had been on the look out for me, but apparently he looked extremely menacing because according to these cops and their overly quick response, someone had called them on us thinking that we were trying to rob the newspaper store we were near. Paranoid Argentinians. As for the Italian, it turned more into a drug search for him, they even sniffed his hands. So that put a damper on the night and hitting up the streets of Buenos Aires in general, but I will persevere. Here is a picture of what I started, I´m kinda embarrassed, even though I think I could have pulled it off with more time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Too Clean

Out here in Vancouver we have two music venues that have the capacity to put on a band that more than 12 people have heard of. For years there have been rumors that one of these venues, Richard's on Richards, will be torn down to make room for what.... ?? a condo development. So it looks like the rumours are true and the new "1036 Richards" will be replacing my beloved venue sometime in the new year. This poster is meant to comemorate the passing of a place where I enjoyed many a good time.

Mi Pequeño Pony Archaelogical Report

I uncovered this 80s jem on the streets of Buenos Aires. My Little Pony,1984. In Argentina they called it Mi Pequeño Pony. The original owner, if he/she is still alive, by logical deduction must be at least 27 years old (assuming a minimun age of 3 years old at the time of purchase), appears to have decided it was finally time to let go. Judging by the stickiness of the tape, it must have been recently adhered to a wall of some sort. The artifact conists of a brittle plastic material, which for its age is in excellent shape. It includes 17 reliefs in combination with surface art work. However, 4 reliefs are missing, and 3 are broken. It seems to have been a loved and treasured object as it is cracked in several placed and was repaired with celophane tape on the back face. Over the next several weeks, our team here in Buenos Aires will continue to be busy trying to uncover any further information the artifact might contain about its previous owner and 80s culture.