Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mi Pequeño Pony Archaelogical Report

I uncovered this 80s jem on the streets of Buenos Aires. My Little Pony,1984. In Argentina they called it Mi Pequeño Pony. The original owner, if he/she is still alive, by logical deduction must be at least 27 years old (assuming a minimun age of 3 years old at the time of purchase), appears to have decided it was finally time to let go. Judging by the stickiness of the tape, it must have been recently adhered to a wall of some sort. The artifact conists of a brittle plastic material, which for its age is in excellent shape. It includes 17 reliefs in combination with surface art work. However, 4 reliefs are missing, and 3 are broken. It seems to have been a loved and treasured object as it is cracked in several placed and was repaired with celophane tape on the back face. Over the next several weeks, our team here in Buenos Aires will continue to be busy trying to uncover any further information the artifact might contain about its previous owner and 80s culture.

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