Monday, February 2, 2009

Steal Thunder

Real killer posts coming soon.
Just to steal some more thunder, here's 2 spacemen from Croatia.

Spaceman 17

Frost-bitten spaceman 18


  1. You fucking thunder stealer!!! You are sooo cheating with the spacemen now!
    None the less, those two are some of my favorites. I Like the skull, I like the question mark. What happened to No. 18, why so frost bitten?

  2. well you see i put it up at around 4 am. (sometime after Northern Exposure) and there was thick frost on the electrical box. I painted on it. So by the time the next day came around the frost melted and took the paint off.

    I could have easily been painting in the middle of the day since noone walks by there. Ever. Except for those grannies.

  3. man, I love how you stockpile pics and sneakly post them at thunder stealing moments.

    I like the frost bitten one, by the by. You achieved instant rustication.