Monday, February 9, 2009

The Chicken & the Egg

Lately I have gotten really really obsessed with the passage of time, and been preoccupied with a lot of stupid deep questions, which probably means I have been spending way too much time in my head. So I decided to do 3 cube paintings, showing an idea progressing, transformation of emotions and flow of time and space . It started out being my take on some of the main human forces in life or something. Anyways, Toby , you've kinda been kicking my ass on the blog ( you hobo), so I decided to post one of these cubes ASAP. They've been taking forever, painting and drying all 6 sides, but I really got stuck on the whole 3D thing.
So, Check it:

The cube that finally answers the eternal question of that chick and the egg

The Progression

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  1. Wow Dan! Impressive! Nice come back. Finally what you have been up to hours by yourself locked up in the dark mansion. Becoming quite the philosopher I see, the art schools will eat that shit up! Fancy background. How´d you do it? and you forgot to put it in the last cube photo.