Saturday, February 7, 2009

Morbid Photo Shoot


  1. Hahaha.
    Finally!! Powerlines coming out of tap.
    I've been waiting for ages.

    Really like this.
    Only problem for me- not morbid enough,
    Do some more with bloood and ovaries and fetuses.

    sleeping beauty vs. bloody mary.


    PS. I'd do her

  2. You should hang out with some of these peeps.

  3. Holy shit Dan! I didn´t even think about that. Power lines coming out of a tap have been a long time coming. Very observant of you. The whole point was to be subtle, blood and fetuses while vey unaccessible also might have been a little cheesy. Initially I did kinda want to take pictures of her with some of those dead birds I keep finding around but that might have been kinda gross.
    PS: Hands off, she´s reserved for Dave!
    Lukas, I couldn´t enter that web site cuz I´m not a member of flickr. Could you send me a picture?