Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exploding Head Hits the Wall

Finally after getting caught by the cops and painting it on a shitty piece of wood, my mural idea got put where it belongs, on a real dead wall. This is in Hollywood in Cambodia, this ´´street bar´´ in Buenos Aires where I´m helping out every once in a while.

Here´s some context and a chair for size. The mural to the right is by a guy named Piraña. Above are some lighter stencils by Valentina, and to the right of Piraña is Valentina and Santiago´s mural that was already posted on the blog.

Here I am before getting started.


  1. I like the before getting started photo.

  2. wow, well done. I Like the contrast of the smooth face with the mess coming out of the head.

    hahaha, I agree, the before getting started photo is good. Its like you're trying to will her to life.