Thursday, November 19, 2009

Permafrozen Heart


After a long hiatus I finally slapped together a little stencil/drip spray paint number on a half finished window that was sitting around my place.
It felt good.front

I'm going to donate it 52 McCaul where they are having a 20$ show (from many local artists) on Friday evening. Proceeds are going to WellandGood so they can run this awesome space for what I would call non-elitist art.
Friday evening!
52 McCaul
Be there.


  1. It's beudiful Dan. I like it. Make me one. Let's make some together next time I come to Toronto!

  2. Yes.
    Totally forgot how satisfying making one of these is. It is like coming. having sex with a woman and coming.
    Definitley lets make some more.
    It was one of the first pieces sold. And whoever bought it wanted to pay more for it. These things are going to be in high demand soon.