Monday, November 23, 2009

Key Disaster

This is my latest attempt at silk screening. This is actually version two. In the first version I hated my colour choices so much I cut it up into business cards. I redid the whole thing but I still kinda hate the result. Obviously I don't hate it enough not to post it, so here it is. It was actually supposed to be a triptych but I'm so frustrated with it that I give up for now. I included a couple of variations with less layers because I do really like the line drawing. The pile of keys is a photoshop masterpiece, by the way. I just need to work on how to compose it as a finished piece. I'm open to suggestions in case I'm ever crazy enough to go for attempt three (and the triptych).



    Why do you keep messing his print up?
    Its cursed!
    My friend Piotr just said he likes your style.
    Its all about putting in all the effort in the beginning he says (your philosophy).
    You guys should collabo.

  2. Yeah i see it as everything was going pretty well so far this semester so this was my fuck up. Was bound to happen. Inevitable. I'm LEARNING. And yes, it is cursed. And thanks Piotr.

  3. are way to hard on your self not to mention DRAMATIC.


  4. Ok, ok. I KNOW. After a few days of not looking at it, I went back and it's not that bad. I just put so much work into it and it didn't turn out as awesome as I was anticipating. That's all. I live.