Monday, August 17, 2009

Christie Garbage Pits

Buenos Aires

When I was living in Buenos Aires, at least once a week there would be garbage strikes, noticeable by heaping piles of garbage on all the street corners. If the garbage sits for any period of time it get ravaged by the thousands of poor people in the city and scatters all over the place. An agreement must always be reached super fast though, because the garbage is always cleaned up later that day or the next morning. By contrast, it was very interesting to see how a developed country dealt with a similar problem. If you were to transport the Toronto garbage strike to Buenos Aires, it would probably be the neatest, cleanest thing in the city. It was crazy that Christie pits was chosen as a garbage deposit site because it's pretty much down town. It was so incredibly contained and so comparably hygienic; it didn't even smell that bad. Apparently they sprayed Lysol all over the rink every afternoon. I may be desensitized from traveling around developing countries so much, but I swear, if it wasn't for seeing Christie Pits, I don't think I would have registered that there was a garbage strike in Toronto.

I like how you can see the yellow city of Toronto tape.

A flattened dessicated mouse to add to my dessicated animal collection!

These saussage things apparently are to soak up the garbage juice.

The least sanitary thing they probably did was leave that net in there.

''Weather permitting this rink will open on Dec 8''
I think the weather is the last thing they should be worrying about.


  1. Yaay!
    Poo-garbage sausage-schlong!

  2. Well documented. Is the strike over now? Or will little Toronto kids be making snow men out of garbage bags in a couple months?