Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camouflaged Toxic Cement Trees

So a bunch of us efterblivets over here went treeplanting this summer. We ended up with a coupla trees in our bags after the planting season. In general we thought the little monoculture trees we planted were unnatural mutants and the forest we were planting was not akin to the one being cut down and replaced. We figured we'd make it into a little project on the streets of Vancouver.

toxic island


Our Vancouver detail please report on how long this street experiment lasted.


  1. Just for the record, when I strolled by the next morning to see how the little babies were doing, I couldn't believe that they hadn't budged in the slightest and nobody was noticing them at all. I predict they will be there a long time. We await reports from our Vancouver correspondent.

  2. Remnants of the little forest are still there. Some of the trees have been crushed into a fine powder by cars that cut the corner and roll over the median while turning.

    good work. hope the eastern lands are treating you well