Monday, April 13, 2009

Pritty Dyana

This sweet shit mobile belongs to my roomate at my first Buenos Aires apartment. He had it parked out side the apartment for over a year without moving it. It does not funcion in the loosest definition of the word unless pushing and rolling counts. In the last month people started complaining so he has been rolling it from spot to spot around the block. It is unclear what his intentions are for this metalic wonder. The sign on the window says ''This car has owner'' and then the address.This is what me and my stenciling friend, Robert, did to it.

It was my last night in Buenos Aires so I didn't have time to take pictures of it during the day :( But we did almost get caught by the cops once again, on my watch obviously. They did a stop and stare at us with the second officer asleep open mouthed in the front passenger seat, and then slowly drove away. Thank god for pretending to be waiting for the bus and not going to jail on my last night and not getting my camera stolen.


  1. And so ends an era of creative debauchery in BA. I'm stoked you're coming for a visit, make sure you bring your exacto knife with ya.

  2. You put some good child bandages on that car. I'm pretty sure this vehicle is an adult, it's older than me.

  3. Haha! Yes, also very stoked. Very stoked on my geographical location in general. I'm surprised you didn't comment on my mis-spelling (how the hell do you spell that?)of pretty. Pritty is how they spell it on this retarded soda drink in Argentina called Pritty Limon, just so you know I'm not a total idiot. You like that though, combo of Balkans and Argentina all in a title.

  4. Uau!!!

    Nunca vi el auto asi!! Como me habria reido!! Y aún más en ver la cara del propietario!! jaja Capaz ahora decida venderlo!! Y por más dinero..!! Pero me gusta como quedó!!