Monday, April 13, 2009

Bolivian Snow Maiden

Its been an unusually snowy winter in Vancouver and the temperatures after dark have been far bellow zero making it difficult to put up posters on most nights. I've had this poster kicking around my place since January when I was seriously contemplating joining Toby in Argentina. At the time I was also looking forward to visiting Bolivia to hopefully meet and befriend a bowler hat wearing Bolivian woman.
Last night I finally put this piece up. Its sunny now, the snow is receding and I never made it to South America.


  1. Lukas! You bastard! You stole my thunder! And also you didn't come to Argentina!

    It's nice. I like it. Nice idea. I like the snowflakes. Pretty.

    We gotta do a sweet 3 way collabo piece when we are all reunited in your apartment in Van!

  2. Well it's good to see thunderstealing is still in full effect since I have been slacking majorly.