Friday, September 17, 2010

Outlawed Owls

I had to take this post off due to some ''heat'' with my thankfully, x-landlord, who is a horrible horrible person and is going to rot in hell. So since efterblivet is lacking these days here's some filler till we get started again:

This is the new Nuit Blanche motivated silk screen-wheat paste experiment and this the first installation of wheat pasting. We want to wheat paste them all over the city. We have 713 colour owls and at least another 300 just black line drawing owls. We're going for coverage with numbers.

I vandalized for the first time by myself at 3:30am on Wednesday night. The snow plower scared me but besides that easy compared to Argentina. There was a small problem with the wheat paste smearing the black ink so I switched to contact paper glue so the owls on the left look really shitty.
Close up.
Little cut out owls.

We printed 23 sheets of these, 5 layers, which equaled to technically 713 owls including the grouped together owls. I worked on this one with Amy, so there are two styles of owl.


  1. Good idea re-posting this "hot" post, but why you always have to diss up the blog in the process?
    I think it's doing it's job...
    Great creative outlet.
    Working on anything new?
    I am.

  2. one day, this summer, I was sitting outside my friend's appartment and what happened to fall in front of me, blown in the wind? a little owl with a watch. A nice little spark on a hot summer day.