Saturday, April 10, 2010


POST 100!!!

My most successful screen print to date. 5 layers, 3 stencils, magical gloss.
Some of the detail created by the gloss is lost in the scan. It's much more magical in hard copy.

The Drawwwwing


  1. nice!!
    is it based on that gilda (or robin, don't remember) story?

  2. Finally, the Gilda story!

    Way to steal your own thunder on the 100th post.


  3. Way to disguise yourself under another pseudonym. You hiding your shame of not stealing my thunder nor making the 100th post? I was waiting for you to post something, had it on the back burner for a couple of days, I was gonna give you the glory...but I could wait no longer.
    I just read that live journal convo between us! Hilarious! The last part is pure gold! I remember it too. We should publish it in our next zine... Oh shit, did I just say that, never making another zine!

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