Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Law of Maximum Displacement

I conducted a little photographic social experiment in the Montreal Metro. I call it the Law of Maximum Displacement. Strangers always space themselves as far away from each other as they can, neatly demonstrated by platform benches. I think it's really weird and bizzarre how predictable it is. A fun game is to look at these pictures and figure out the order in which the people sat. Comment the order you predict and let's see if 'everyone' guesses the same thing. You can't do it for all of them but some of them are strangely obvious.


  1. haha this is great.
    ok my guess for Berri-Uqam is:
    1 guy reading
    2 family
    3 black dude
    4 guy to the right of guy reading
    5 pink bag
    6 woman between black dude and guy to the right of guy reading
    7 guy with the seat edges up his butt

  2. Yeah, isn't guy number 7 just classic. I love it.
    I'll do my favorite one, in terms of predictability, photo number 5, Guy-Concordia:
    1 sleeping hobo
    2 black jacket, far left
    3 gross, weird guy beside the hobo
    4 guy with arm out
    5 girl
    The girl is obviously my favorite cuz she had the choice to sit between the hobo and gross guy, or gross guy and pervert guy. So she went with the best option, between pervert guy and normal looking dude.