Friday, January 29, 2010

This is my first ever digital print with a two layer screen print on top. I'm a little disappointed by the results cuz the colours were dulled by the printer. It also looks way better live than in this picture.

Here's the original paintings that I scanned. It's so much brighter than the print, not to mention fluorecent red is the best colour ever. I collaged it from its constituent parts.


  1. Digital you say?
    It looks good.
    But how do we get it out on the street?
    whats the background?housepaint?

  2. It's spray paint and acrylic paint.
    Yeah... this one I can't really put in the street. I should have printed it on shitty paper. I didn't think of that. Bad me. Next one I'll keep that in mind. I can just make a regular stencil out of it maybe.