Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tidal Failure

Upon our reunion with ''el holy'' and consequent invasion of his apartment in Vancouver we attempted our first efterblivet/el holy collaboration piece...and failed miserably with wet feet. The idea was to work with tag graffiti by blocking some of it out into a simple shape. It ended up being a long and complicated process with multiple nights, and ultimate failure due to improper planning. The first day we scouted out a spot on the Vancouver waterfront, we picked a spot that an artist named Steep had graffitied. We hypothesize that he is a 14 year old boy with a shakey hand and low self confidence. The first night we walked around with a huge 10 gallon bucket of house paint and whited out the wall. The second night we painted with black acrylic some details and tried blocking out the graffiti into the cockroach shadow we had in mind, but had to abort mission when the tide rose so high that the paint was getting washed away as fast as we were putting it on.

White out.

Poor little Steep's reaction to us whiting out his work.
"Toy, toy...Why me...F You...Asshole!'' - Steep

Advanced tide avoidence paiting techniques.

The mural was abandoned because efterblivet was leaving town and el holy didn't have the heart to finish it alone. No ''final'' picture was taken.


  1. What a tragic evening ending in a not so tragic sit around a fire.
    2 days off?

  2. I didn't go back for a while after that night. I was busy with work so the piece was never finished. I went back about a week ago and that whole waterfront stretch of walls has been roller painted grey. The evience of our failed collabo is gone.