Monday, March 2, 2009

So a bunch of of people were rounded up in Montreal and went on a serious mission to wheatpaste/sticker up a glass store front on St.Laurent in Montreal. It was Nuit Blanche. The piece is composed of wheat paste black and white monsters behind a Palestinian-Israeli apartheid wall sticker (who's the monsters???). We put it up on an abandoned modern art gallery which has been taged up by every graffiti artist in Montreal. The cold worked against us and so did some locals. It was too cold for wheatpaste and sticky paper to stick. Everything looked raggedy. To top it all off, the fellow who did his tag up beforehand didn't think he had enough fame time on the spot so he came and ripped off all our work in the night. Ephemeral street art with friends; better than ego tags around town??. Graffiti politics...

What the piece was supposed to look like

Work in progress

The unsuccesful finished product


  1. Your idea Dan? The whole apartheide wall thing.
    Well, obviously I´m extreamly jelous. You can stop rubbing it in with the awesome group shot. Can I pretend one of the jacketed back turned people is me? Though, don´t know if I could handle the cold. Good thing you took pictures of the process, else you wouldn´t have been able to steal my thunder.

  2. Toby, we all need to move back to Montreal. Then you can stop pretending to be wearing jackets.