Friday, January 23, 2009


This is the most elaborate street piece I have ever done. It took forever. The first night I painted for two hours while my friend Robert watched for cops. Nine police cars drove by but luckily Robert is a pro and warned me each time. The second night only took half an hour but I bent down in piss and shit, literally. A dog shat right in front of two of the sheep so they didn´t get a top layer and the sheep around them are pretty fucking lucky that I paid any attention to them at all. When I got home I had to shower twice to smell clean. All in the name of art.

The stencils on the street didn´t turn out that good cuz it was super hard to match up the layers, and then I picked a really uneven spot for the dead sheep so here is what they should look like.


  1. holy shit toby, that is really cool. i like them falling and lying there in a bloody heap. it's crazy you managed to get them around the whole corner. wickeddd

  2. boohyea.... i like the sheep-lemmings.

    Those pesky dogs like to get in on the street art. A dog peed on spaceman 6 overnight, so when I took the picture snoopy had already modified it.

  3. The scale of the piece is really impressive. It must be cool following the sheep as they go around the corner.