Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gypsy Palace

The Balkans is full of gypsies. We pretended to be journalists, made friends with them and took some pictures.

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Nada, the Gypsy child

Gypsy children of Carton City, Beograd

Flower Pants

Niš, Serbia

A beginner smoker


  1. cool photos.
    do the gypsies speak serbo/croatian or do they have their own weird language?
    what happens to carton city when it rains?
    i want more garbage stories.

  2. Yeah, they speak the Serbo-Croatian, or should I say Serbian since the talking occured in Serbia, apparently along with their own charming jargon and a sweet accent. They tried to teach us some.
    What do you think happens when it rains?

  3. They wrapped that little baby up so well. These are so good.

  4. Hola gente!! saludos desde buenos aires Argentina!!!.. espero que sigan subiendo post de las cosas que hacen!
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    Hi people! greetings from Buenos Aires Argentina !!!.. I hope to continue to rise post of the things they do!
    I left my links to permenecer in touch!


  5. I am going back and adopting every single one of those orphaned kids.